Healthy and Fit Life

I have a background in health education/kinesiology and I have always tried to live a healthy and fit life.   Prior to having kids I pretty much ate whatever I wanted and worked out occasionally.   However, when I was 6 months pregnant with our oldest daughter we joined a new gym and I started to workout about 3 times a week.  I worked out up until the day she was born (yes I was that crazy huge pregnant lady at the gym). After she was born, I continued to work out when I could and sometimes go running with my friends.  I continued this exercise pattern during my next pregnancy (our girls are only 17 months apart).

After I had Abigail, I really wanted to get back to my pre-baby weight.  I started to really watch what I was eating and started to workout more.  However, I was not successful.

You name I have tried it… Advocare, all kinds of crazy supplements, working out with a personal trainer, Camp Gladiator, online weight training program, and weight watchers.  After doing all those different things I was still at the same weight.  I know that it’s great that I was working out and eating healthy, and I should have been happy with that, but I was not.  I really wanted to lose the weight and be a different size!!!

 photo PhotoGrid_1460237890317_zpsmoncqqw8.jpg

For the past couple of years I have seen people post things about Beachbody, 21 Day Fix, and Shakeology but I had no clue what they were talking about they always only posted about needing to buy in and get other people to buy in and they get people to buy in…… it was something I really did not want to be a part of.  However, at the end of March I had reached the heaviest weight I had ever been (except for when I was pregnant) and I was so depressed.  I was ready to try something new and really wanted something that would work this time.  I contacted my friend that was a Beachbody coach and she suggested that I try the 21 day Fix.  Turns out, I didn’t have to sell anything (if I didn’t want to of course). So I ordered the DVDs and started researching the program and looking for family friendly healthy meals.

I started my first round of 21 Day Fix on April 11th, 2016.  I followed everything the recommended (daily 30 minute workouts and the meal plan) for three weeks.  At the end of the three weeks I was shocked by the results!  I had lost 5lbs and 7 inches overall.  That was huge for me.  Not only had I lost weight but I was starting to tone my body and I could really tell a difference.

 photo 20160514_082553_zpsxyekgr05.jpg

Since April I have done several rounds of 21 Day Fix and even did one round of 21 day Fix Extreme – AWESOME workout.  Starting next Monday I am planning to start 21 day Fix Extreme again but this time I am going to make sure I am eating the foods that I need to be eating!

 photo IMG_20160417_183858_zpsiv0hro8x.jpg

I love that the workouts are only 30 minutes long and I can do them at home however I would love to try out some other workout programs.  I have a good friend that is a Texas Fit Chick Instructor and I have always wanted to try out the program so I may try to do that this Fall.  Also I have several friends that go to Orangetheory Fitness.  If you have never heard of this fitness class you should definitely check it out.  It looks and sounds intense but you will burn 500 to 1000 calories in one hour!!

What is your favorite workout or favorite healthy dinner option?

First Day of School 2016

 photo IMG_20160822_071833_zpsho03mxmp.jpg


 photo 20160822_071214_zpsmzgz8k9d.jpg

My best friend’s name is: Nyla

My favorite thing to play: Game of Life

My favorite color: Turquoise

My favorite book: Magic Tree House books

My favorite TV show: Bunked

My favorite food: enchiladas

When I grow up, I want to: be a dance teacher

Something I really like: reading

Something I really don’t like: math

My favorite thing about myself: that I am talented

Something I want to do this year: go camping and to the lakehouse with The Monzingos

She is so excited to have a locker.

 photo 20160822_074240_zpsb5cei7zy.jpg

We are looking forward to a great year with Mrs. Hart.

 photo 20160822_074335_zpsbs9mmi7h.jpg


 photo 20160822_071203_zpscwyhbvac.jpg

My best friend’s name is: Madison

My favorite thing to play: hide and seek

My favorite color: white

My favorite book: I don’t like books

My favorite TV show: My Babysitter is a Vampire

My favorite food: macaroni and cheese

When I grow up, I want to: scientist

Something I really like: my family

Something I really don’t like: alligators

My favorite thing about myself: I am good at making friends

Something I want to do this year: make new friends

Abigail has her first locker this year!

 photo 37930_zpsc8xanmzu.jpeg

We are so excited to have Mrs. Bass again this year! We love Mrs. Bass!!!

 photo 37929_zpsjiaw0dk1.jpeg

Past Interviews

2015 School Year

2014 School Year

2013 School Year

End Of Summer Bash!!

This past weekend we hosted our Annual End of Summer Bash.  The girls each invited 5 of their friends over for dinner and swimming.  We started this tradition the summer before Kate’s 1st grade year. The girls always look forward to seeing their friends right before school starts.

The crew for the this year’s party…

 photo IMG_20160813_192348_zps31hinwtv.jpg

love these soon to be 2nd graders!!

 photo edited_20160813_185213_zpsol05xash.jpg

And then we have an awesome group of 3rd graders!

 photo edited_1471134360770_zpsfajhnfzy.jpg

The girls had a blast swimming for 2 hours.

 photo 20160813_183335_zpsmcolmjp2.jpg

and then we had a 2nd vs 3rd grade water balloon fight.

 photo 20160813_185852_zpsk239gobj.jpg

 photo 20160813_185858_zpsdcd5bhs1.jpg

They wanted a picture of them jumping into the pool…

 photo PhotoGrid_1471282286667_zps7mvmll6c.jpg

The party was a huge success and now the girls are ready to start school next week.

Here is look back at Kate’s friends for the past 3 years…

 photo PhotoGrid_1471282339779_zpscymnp46x.jpg

Thoughts for Thursday

School Day Memories

When I saw Shelly’s topic – “School Day Memories and What would you tell your younger self” I was excited to dig through all of my old pictures and find some great ones to share.

I grew up in a small West Texas town – Snyder, TX.  My parents had me involved in almost every sport and I was always involved in church activities.  We would go to church every time the doors were opened.  I had a great childhood and looking back I would not change anything.

Here is my first school picture – Kindergarten (1984-1985).  This is my all time favorite picture.

 photo K grade_zpspuohs5a8.jpg

My 2nd grade picture is a classic picture.  I had a super awesome reversible collar and during lunch I spilled something on the side I was suppose to wear for my pictures.  The photographer reversed it and put it back on crooked.  So now my pictures looked like horrible Christmas pictures, and then there’s my hair!!! What was my mom thinking!  This is why I will not cut my girls hair above their shoulders.  I have a fear of them having this horrible haircut.

 photo 2nd grade_zpstdu2ezve.jpg

I also loved my 5th grade picture – so sweet and innocent.
 photo 5th grade_zpsitjf4ejm.jpg

During my elementary years I played soccer, basketball, softball, and was a cheerleader.  Once I got to middle school I played basketball for one season and then decided sports was not my thing.  Here is my a basketball picture from when I was in 6th grade.  Again why were those bangs ever in style!?   Way too much hairspray!

 photo 6th grade basketball_zps0uh4e8um.jpg

Most of my favorite memories come from some kind of church activity.  I was involved in GAs, Praise Group, and then our youth group (7th – 12th).

I loved going to GA camp every summer.

 photo girl scout camp_zpszfz1lyic.jpg

and then in the Youth program we went to a church camp in Oklahoma every summer (Falls Creek).  Youth camp should have been about learning about God but I was too worried about all the cute boys at camp!

 photo church camp_zpsuyuefgpe.jpg

 photo church camp 2_zpsxckwv23w.jpg

We also took a ski trip every Spring Break.  LOTS of great memories made during that week!

 photo ski trip_zpspboluyml.jpg

Since I decided that I didn’t want to play any more sports I choose to be an Athletic Trainer in high school.  I was a trainer for all of the sports and I loved it!  This was something I was really good at and during high school I wanted to go to college and major in Sport’s Medicine.  If I had to pick one regret it would be not entering the Athletic Training program at Texas A&M.  But of course if I would have done that who knows where I would be today.  I would probably still be married to Danny though because my friend/roommate that introduced us was an athletic trainer so we would have still meet through her.

 photo training HS_zpsfifexg67.jpg

I just had to share the classic cheesy Senior picture pose…

 photo senior_zpslqpj9rc9.jpg

In junior high and high school I had a close group of girlfriends.  We all went to church together and always ate lunch together everyday.   We all live about 4 hours from each other but I know that these girls would be always be there for me.

Homecoming would not be complete without an awesome homecoming mum.

 photo homecoming_zpsc97gt4pg.jpg

Then of course we needed to do a Mary Kay makeover (Mary Kay was really big while i was in high school)

 photo BF high school_zpssyuhaftt.jpg

Cara and Julie were both bridesmaids in my wedding (and I was in their weddings too)

 photo BF wedding_zpsxnrtroks.jpg

and then 5 years later we were all pregnant with our first babies.

I hope you enjoyed my walk down memory lane.

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Friday Favorites – Summer 2016

Today I am recapping some of our favorite family activities from this Summer.

I hope you enjoy the look back at our crazy busy Summer.

 photo Untitled presentation 8_zpsfzvv5xmw.jpg

I can’t believe summer break will be over in 10 days!!  Our girls are actually very happy to go back to school.  They can’t wait to meet their new teachers and see all of their friends.  We made a Summer Bucket List and I had high hopes to accomplish all 26 things on the list but we have only be able to complete 16 activities. Hopefully before school starts we can do a few more fun activities.

 photo bucket_zpscxkslkwz.jpg

 photo Untitled presentation 5_zpsgsg4ra9i.jpg

It is hard to believe I took this picture 70 days ago.  We have had a very busy summer and it has gone by so fast!

 photo IMG_20160602_082456_zpsvrt4wvop.jpg

We kicked our summer off with Abigail’s 7th birthday party.

 photo PhotoGrid_1465784595908_zpsj1ca78nj.jpg

Our summer has been full of a lot of swimming.

 photo PhotoGrid_1470940941519_zpskwujkhwu.jpg

And making a lot of great memories.

 photo PhotoGrid_1470940792209_zpsjbhwa4rm.jpg

 photo Untitled presentation 7_zpstnxx5h1u.jpg

I think one of my favorites things from this summer was our family vacation to California.  It was a quick trip but we saw a lot and had so much fun!

(you can read all about our Family Vacation here … Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 )

 photo PhotoGrid_1470938920140_zps0oqjmmlv.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1470938815708_zpsweojcsn6.jpg

 photo Untitled presentation 6_zpsylqsxpsx.jpg

This summer we did something we had not done in almost 5 years – a vacation with friends.  Our vacation to Cabo was so nice and relaxing.  Everyday that I wake up I wish I was still on vacation in Cabo.

 photo PhotoGrid_1470938495535_zpsrmspudye.jpg

 photo Untitled presentation 11_zps9qfuimic.jpg

As moms we are constantly taking care of our families and forget that we need to have “mommy” time.  My friend Emily @ Simply A Rough Draft blogged yesterday about “#GOMO” (Going Out More Often) and I totally agree with everything she posted about and loved this one statement…  “Let’s live life while we still can!”  (go check her post her out – HERE!!).  When this summer started I made it my priority to spend a lot of time with my girlfriends.  I have several different groups of friends – church girls, school friends, PTA moms, etc.  So this summer I was busy with a lot of Girls Nights Outs.

 photo PhotoGrid_1470938436547_zpskz947qxb.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1470938354034_zpsxncshiqi.jpg

one more thing….

I love the Holderness Family videos.  I saw this video this week on Facebook and I think all parents of school age children can totally relate to this video.



The Kids Behind the Blog – August Edition

 photo 20160622_115348_zpszrxjrpxs.jpg

It is the 2nd Wednesday of the month which means another edition of the kids behind the blog. This month it is all about summer and school. Hope you enjoy the girl’s answers to this month’s questions…

1. What was your favorite thing you did over the summer?

Kate – go on trips and spend time with everyone

Abigail – playing with my family

2. What’s your favorite thing to learn about at school?

Kate – reading

Abigail – taking test (crazy child!)

3. Who is your best friend from school?

Kate – Charlotte and Kate G.

Abigail – I have lots…Morgan, Madison, and Grace

4. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Kate – Doctor

Abigail – Chef

5. What is your least favorite thing about school?

Kate – math

Abigail – math

I think we have a lot to work on this year!!

Happy Wednesday!!!!

Life Lately

Friday night we enjoyed one more kid free week date night.  We always miss our girls when they are gone but it is so nice to have some time to just hang out together and not worry about what time we have to be home because we have a babysitter.

We did what all couples love to do on a date night — dinner at Olive Garden and then shopping at Best Buy!!! HAHA!!!  We are so exciting.

 photo IMG_20160805_201231_zpsj5kxhqti.jpg

Saturday morning we drove down to Waco to pick up our girls!!  So glad to have these two home!

 photo IMG_20160806_110323_zpsu1plpihl.jpg

They were exhausted from their week and were passed out shortly after we got on the road.

 photo 20160806_122627_zpsmsef1at5.jpg

 photo 20160806_122643_zpsllxqqjep.jpg

Abigail’s top tooth has been loose for the past month and when we picked her up it was barely hanging on.  When we got home we finally were able to pull it out.  So now all she wants for Christmas are her two front teeth.

 photo IMG_20160806_174401_zpsrqltfv92.jpg

I dread back to school clothes shopping every year but Sunday after church we headed to Kohls to get some of the shopping done.  The girls sat down for a second and I snapped this picture because it totally explains how we all felt – exhausted!

 photo 20160807_120027_zps1rhcngza.jpg

We ended our busy Sunday with a stop at Dairy Queen!!

 photo 20160807_200200_zpsvkmjfmwb.jpg

Yesterday on my way home from work Danny called and said the girls wanted to go on individual dates with each of us this week.  So Danny and Abigail went to the mall for their date night.  She wanted to go to build a bear and eat dinner at the food court.  They had a great time and he even surprised Kate with a new build a bear.  – Great Dad!!!

 photo Resized_20160808_184529_zps7i6cwyjm.jpeg

Kate picked dinner at Mi Cocina and shopping at Charming Charlies.  She is definitely my child because those are two of my favorite places.  Thursday night we will switch and I will talk Abigail on a special date (no clue where she wants to go) and Danny and Kate are going to Red Lobster.  I am so glad we are having some great one on one time with the girls this week because in two weeks we will be in school mode.

 photo IMG_20160808_190513_zpsecvtqbu1.jpg

Have a great Tuesday!!

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Friday Five

 photo friday_zpsmvqnzaz9.png

I have missed blogging for the past 2 weeks but it was nice to take a break and focus on our kids, spend time with the friends, and enjoy some time away with Danny.  Now time to get back into the blogging mode and also get ready for school to start (2 weeks away!!!)

 photo Untitled presentation 8_zpsfzvv5xmw.jpg

A few weeks ago my sweet friend Emily @ Simply A Rough Draft (that I have meet through the blogger world but actually have a lot of mutual ties – small world) asked me to answer a few questions for her “Meet & Greet Monday” post.  I was so excited that she asked me and couldn’t wait for her for the post to go live this past Monday.  You should definitely check out Emily’s blog and while you are there check out my interview.🙂

Meet Emily

 photo Untitled presentation 5_zpsgsg4ra9i.jpg

We just got home from another amazing trip to Cabo. We stayed at a new resort this year and we will for sure be going back to this resort again – Hyatt Ziva – Los Cabos.  The location and price was perfect!  You don’t have to every leave the resort because everything you will need is there.  And even better the place that we have used for excursions is a 2 minute walk from the resort – Cabo Adventures!

 photo 20160804_113101_zpsd5polusj.png

 photo 20160803_100512_zpsg6eilsgn.jpg

 photo Untitled presentation 7_zpstnxx5h1u.jpg


One of Danny’s old coworkers recently opened an awesome new craft beer location (The Thirsty Growler) about 20 minutes from our house.  Since our girls are still at their grandparents this week we decided to go try it out this week.  Let me start off by saying that I do not like beer. Just smelling a beer brings back memories of dunking my Aggie Ring in college and then what happened after I drank all that beer (not happy thoughts).  So I told Mike that I don’t like beer but I like to drink wine so he suggested I try Crackberry from Bishop Cider Co.   This cider was amazing!!   It was great to catch up with the owners – Mike & Andrea – and the beers (ciders for me) were even better.

 photo IMG_20160803_205833_zpswnqdrhgr.jpg

 photo Untitled presentation 6_zpsylqsxpsx.jpg

I think squealed a little when I saw that Nebraska Furniture Market now had a  Magnolia Home collection!! Thank goodness I have an awesome husband that is okay with going to walk around NFM for about one and half hours.  I found so many things that I would love to have in our house but I have no clue how to make it all go together and I am pretty sure I would spend WAY to much money!!!

magnolia home

I love these two lanterns – Bee Box Lantern  and Tudor Lantern

This would be great on our back patio or on our kitchen island – Mechanic’s Caddy

I would love to have everything in this picture

 photo Untitled presentation 11_zps9qfuimic.jpg

Last night my neighborhood Momma group went to Studio Movie Grill to see Bad Moms.  I love spending time with this ladies and we had so much fun last night.  We got to enjoy some yummy food while we watched a hilarious movie that we could all relate to.

 photo IMG_20160804_185150_zpsn0hokygw.jpg

 photo IMG_20160804_212020_zps16swtozj.jpg

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


Cabo Vacation 2016

Our first trip to Cabo was July 2013 for our 10 year anniversary.  We had so much fun that we went again the next summer for our 11 year anniversary.  The summer of 2015 we took the girls to Mexico (Cancun) so we did not make it back to Cabo.   Sometime in late May /Early June Danny and I started to talk about taking a trip sometime this Fall to California to tour the wine country but then our friends called us and asked us to go on a couple’s trip with them.  They are not wine drinkers so our trip to California was not an option so we suggested Cabo.  We are did a lot of research and decided that was the best option.  So once the hotel and plane tickets were booked the beach countdown began.

We were all so excited when Saturday July 30th finally arrived.

We had to leave our house at 5am to make our 7:30 flight but it was worth it because we had a full day to just hang out at beside the pool and beach.

 photo IMG_20160730_065449_zpsspr2ur0h.jpg

Finally made it to our beautiful resort. – Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos in San Jose del Cabos

 photo 20160730_094629_zpstceftwvz.jpg

Ready for some fun in the sun!

 photo IMG_20160730_100111_zpsdkrverxx.jpg

We were greeted with this when we got to our room…

 photo PhotoGrid_1470236502427_zpszjfeszgx.jpg

While the boys played some beach volleyball…

 photo 20160730_143915_zpssvvxq4vt.jpg

Kassie and I took a lot of beach and pool selfies!!

 photo 20160730_143807_zpskwzaqotj.jpg

Sunday morning we woke up and headed to Cabo San Lucas to the famous El Arco.

 photo 20160803_100540_zpsabpeu13n.png

 photo 20160731_120631_zpswrv2t1e5.jpg

 photo 20160731_121820_zpsmroedq0a.jpg

 photo IMG_20160731_145350_zpsalmaz9zf.jpg

 photo 20160731_121831_zpsnarn67kp.jpg

 photo 20160731_122413_zpsaqfzqtcq.jpg

Then we headed back to the resort for some more pool time

 photo 20160731_154006_zpskpbcgtl9.jpg

and beach time

 photo 20160731_171935_zpsrkpl9bsm.jpg

 photo 20160803_100512_zpsg6eilsgn.jpg

We ended our day with a yummy dinner in the resort.

 photo 20160731_213015_zpshg9w1xgy.jpg

Monday was our last full day of vacation so while the boys went on a Zip Lining excursion Kassie and I sat beside the pool.  I think we were poolside 9:30 am to 5:30 pm!!!

 photo IMG_20160801_105918_zps1wus0voc.jpg

Finally we had to ended our trip with dinner at Sunset De Mona Lisa. AMAZING VIEW AND BREATHTAKING SUNSET!!

 photo PhotoGrid_1470236829565_zpso10so8gk.jpg

 photo 20160803_132503_zpsn1ksivxa.png

We all agreed that this was a wonderful trip!  We made a lot of memories and laughed so much that we cried (okay I cried).  We will for sure go back to the Hyatt Ziva because it is way better than the other two resorts we have stayed at in Cabo. Sad to be leave Cabo but glad we were able to have some time away this summer and we were able to vacation with our best friends.

 photo IMG_20160802_091339_zpspjvmff4e.jpg

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Friday Favorites

 photo friday_zps91lcwigt_edit_1455207334750_zpsgxp29edk.jpg

This week has been all about relaxing around the house.  Our girls have been at my parent’s house ALL WEEK so it has been very quiet and so, of course, the house has stayed clean all week!!!  Danny and I have enjoyed our time together, but we are so excited the girls will be coming home tonight.

So back to my favorites for this week.

 photo Untitled presentation 8_zpsfzvv5xmw.jpg

Since the girls have been gone, I have not really been in the blogging mode; however, Danny and I celebrated our 13th Wedding Anniversary this past Tuesday and I absolutely wanted to capture that.  I did a post dedicated all to him and our lives for the past 13 years.

13th Wedding Anniversary 

 photo IMG_20160719_195854_zpsyky9ifsh.jpg

 photo Untitled presentation 5_zpsgsg4ra9i.jpg

Some people like to spend a lot of money on purses, sunglasses, shoes, etc… Fortunately or unfortunately, I am not one of them. However, I do spend money on watches!!  I love Fossil watches. In fact I really only wear watches from Fossil. I admit that Danny has amazing taste and has picked the my last two.

Here is the new one he got me for our anniversary…

 photo IMG_20160720_185234_zps59jnewqx.jpg

and he bought this one for my birthday a few years ago…

 photo 20160720_174120_zps1wpq0xzj.jpg

BUT I am so excited about the new line of watches Fossil has in stores now…Fossil Q.  Apple watches are the new craze, but I am not of fan of how they look; however, I would like to have the cool features of the Apple Watch.  Now you can buy a very nice, classic looking watch that does the same thing as an Apple Watch – WINNING!!!!

(The women’s version comes out this Fall!!!)

This is the man’s watch…

 photo fossil_zpsvzpr0zfo.jpg

They also have a line of activity trackers…LOVE THESE!!!

 photo qwatch_zpsrfwmzxqd.jpg

 photo Untitled presentation 7_zpstnxx5h1u.jpg

For our anniversary we could not decide where to go for dinner.  This year we went with somewhere new – Rye – Craft Food & Drink – in downtown McKinney.  Maybe it’s our stage of life or just felt the vibe at this place, but we decided to enjoy a few drinks and a couple of different appetizers instead of a huge and heavy dinner. It was a great change of pace, but definitely to each their own. Rye has a great menu with a lot of really good things to pick from.  It was a perfect place to celebrate our anniversary.🙂

The restaurant is small – only holds 36 people.

Here is their menu for the summer…

They change the menu periodically to serve in season items.

Dinner Menu - Fall 2015_page-1.jpg

 photo Untitled presentation 6_zpsylqsxpsx.jpg

We leave for our Cabo vacation in EIGHT DAYS!!!  So this week I have been working on my tan and shopping for some new beachy clothes.  I may be crazy, but I like H&M clothes. Okay, some of their things because, and let’s be honest with each other here, some of their clothes are a little to ‘out there’ for me.  So we went to the mall and I found this cute romper and I had to have it in both colors.  Danny even said the black one would be perfect for a cover up – smart husband!

Strapless Jumpsuit

 photo HM romper_zpsxslxetsj.jpg

 photo romper2_zpsldddcxua.jpg

I found a couple of other items that I will probably be going back for when we get home from vacation…

Chiffon Blouse

 photo chiffon_zpsriyuolsl.jpg

Jersey Jacket

 photo jacket_zpsus8efibd.jpg

 photo Untitled presentation 11_zps9qfuimic.jpg

Tonight our babies will be home!!!  They have spent the week with my parents and have had a lot of fun making memories that will last a lifetime.

Feeding the cows…

 This picture brought tears to my eyes.  I love that our girls and my cousin’s kids had a chance to spend some time with Nana. I don’t have a whole lot of memories of my great-grandparents, but I am so glad that Kate and Abigail will have a lot of memories with theirs. Whether it be grandparents or great-grandparents, you always remember the times you spend at “grandma and grandpa’s” house. It’s like the one house you never want anyone to sell , ever.

They also spent the week going to Vacation Bible School.  They had a blast every night.
 photo 20160720_202456_zpstvpiy2hd.jpg

 photo 20160720_202432_zpsqhx6wxn2.jpg

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!