Trip to San Marcos

This past weekend we went to San Marcos for PaPa’s 60th Birthday Party. We had a great time with Grandma, Aunt Kelli and Kenny Saturday night. Who knew Scattergories was so hard?! We also had fun swimming with Aunt Haley and spending Saturday with PaPa and Gigi at the birthday party. After we spent all day setting up tables and tents, the rain came down for about 20 minutes. It turned out to be a good party anyway. Kate will never go naked, unless she chooses to do so, because she has more clothes to wear now. You can always count on family to buy clothes! Thanks everyone.
My new favorite picture

Kate in her swimsuit (she just woke up from her nap)

Kate in her float (thanks GiGi and PaPa)

She loved floating in the pool, even though she looks grumpy in this picture.

PaPa and Kate

MaMaw and Kate

PaPa, Kate, and Danny

PaPa, GiGi and Kate

Grandma and Kate (future cowgirl)

Aunt Kelli, Grandma, Danny, Kate, and Jessica

Kenny, Kelli, Danny, Kate, and Jessica

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