Last night we rang in the new year with many friends (we missed Andrea and Luke – I hope Luke feels better). The kids had a great time playing together (and seeing who could move the toys the furthest from the toy box) and the adults had fun playing Apples to Apples, Nerts, and sitting around talking for hours. We could not believe that all the kids made it to 10:15!! I hope all the babies slept in this morning.
Danny and I are looking forward to this year because we will be adding a new child to our family, and watching Kate grow. 2008 was one of the greatest years of our lives, and we continue to grow in our marriage, our faith, and in our relationships with friends. 2009 can be the best year yet, it is always what you make of it.

The girls
We attempted to take a picture with all the kids, but we could not get them to
look at the cameras

Try to get 5 kids to sit still for a New Year’s picture (good job Hope!)

Kate in her chair

The kids playing


One thought on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  1. The Ballard Family says:

    Thanks for having all of us over. That was so much fun!I love that last picture…it shows Kinley going for the tv! We should have taken another picture at the end of the night with ALL of the toys covering the floor and the empty toy box. 🙂


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