Flight to see Mimi and Pops

This past weekend we took Kate on her first airplane ride. She did really good on the way to Odessa. When we got off the plane we had several people stop us and tell us that she was really good on the plane. (Danny and I were so proud!) While we were in Odessa Kate enjoyed playing with her Mimi and Pops, and of course Molly and Zoe (my parents dogs – that Kate calls “Jack”). Kate calls every dog Jack! Kate also got to ride in my dads Mule (I was driving), went to the mall to ride the carousel, and then ended the weekend with a trip to the park to play on the slides (the first time she has done this). Kate loved going down the slides. We will soon be walking over to the playground beside our house, as soon as it warms up. Then we flew back to Dallas Sunday afternoon, Kate did okay on the flight, but let’s just say no one stopped us to
tell us she did really good.

Take off

Kate enjoying her snacks on the plane

The family on the plane

Kate’s ride on the carousel

Getting ready to go on the exciting ride.

Kate enjoying her ride on the Mule

I love this face!!

Same face, different slide

Going down the slide with daddy

Kate sitting in her own seat on the way home

(she looks exhausted after a long weekend of fun!)

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