Easter 2009

We had a very busy Easter this year. On Friday I went to Kate’s Easter party at Mrs. Shelley’s house. Shelley said that Kate did really good with the Easter Egg hunt and then she had fun coloring eggs. When we got home Kate was greeted by her Grandma and Aunt Kelli. They joined us for the Good Friday Service at FBC McKinney and all the Easter weekend festivities. Since the weather man forcasted rain on Sunday we had arranged with the Easter bunny to bring Kate’s eggs early. So on Saturday morning Kate went into the backyard to pick up all the eggs that the bunny had left for her. She did really good until she realized that she had snacks inside the eggs and stopped to start eating them. Then on Sunday morning Kate opened all the goodies that the Easter Bunny left for her and all the Easter goodies from her grandparents. (Thanks for all the gifts – she really loved them all). Finally, the weekend ended with Danny painting Kate’s room. We are starting the process of transforming her room into a Big Sister’s room. We will post pictures when it is completed.

Kate’s Easter Dress

Kate and Daddy

Kate and Mommy

Kate’s Easter Egg Hunt

Picking up the eggs

She had found another egg

Then she dumped all of her eggs in the flower bed.

Easter Bunny Goodies

Kate loves bouncy balls

Easter Goodies from all of the grandparents

Kate’s presents from Grandma

Kate’s presents from Mimi and Pops

Kate’s presents from Gigi and Papa

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