Abigail is 1 month old!

Our life has changed so much in the past month. Abigail is such a good baby. She is only waking up once during the night and she is still sleeping in our room. We are planning to move her to her room next week. She is starting to be more awake during the day, and she has changed so much!!! The first thing out of everyone’s mouth that sees her is “oh my gosh look at that hair”. Yes Abigail does have alot a dark brown hair, and it has not thinned out yet. At this point I am pretty sure that her hair is going to stay and it will probably just get thicker and longer.

She has developed alittle personality and it is different than Kate’s. Kate has her good and bad days with Abigail. Some days she wants to sit on her, take her pacifer away from her and hit her, but other days she hugs her and gives her kisses. I pray that one day they will be best friends.

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