One Busy Weekend

This past weekend PawPaw, GiGi, and Aunt Kelli came to visit. This was their first time to meet Miss Abigail Ryan. Saturday morning we went to McKinney Trade Days to check out Whitney’s new business (I love the clothes!!!) and then we headed to Frisco for lunch at Babes. Saturday night while Danny and I celebrated our anniversary the girls spent some time with their grandparents and aunt. Then Sunday morning we all went to church and ended the weekend with brunch at Spoons. We had a great time and here are just a few of the pictures from the weekend….

Kate with her Daddy – this is such a cute picture.

Aunt Kelli and Abigail

Gigi and Abigail

PawPaw and Abigail

Kate in her purple tutu that was purchased at McKinney Trade Days.

Lunch at Babe’s. Kate loves to dig in everybodies purses, so beware!!

Kate’s beautiful hair after naptime.

I love her face in this picture and her pigtails.

Kate and PawPaw after playing really hard at the park.

Kate with her favorite toy. She always wants us to push her in her “vroom vroom” (that is what she calls her pink car) when we are headed to our car.

Aunt Kelli, Kate, and Gigi at the park.

Gigi and PawPaw with the girls after lunch at Spoons.

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