Day in the Life of The White Girls

Kate spent the day with Abigail and I so I thought I would document our day…
Abigail in her miracle blanket (aka straight jacket)
Kate – right before I woke her up. It was 8:00 and she never sleeps this late!!!

Kate brushing her teeth or sucking the toothpaste off the brush.

Kate loves to help me water my plants. She has her own little pitcher that I put water in and she waters the plants.

After breakfast the girls decided to watch the Today show – Kate is still eating her waffle.

While Danny was working the girls and I hung out in our bedroom

Laying on the their blankets watching TV

Kate decided to sit in the swing

Watching some more TV – it is only 10 and we have a long day ahead of us.

Around 10:30 we packed up and headed to the mall to meet Kinley, Loree, and Mary Margaret. We did a little shopping and then had lunch at Chick-fil-a. After lunch the girls wanted to ride the carousel.

While we were riding the carousel Mary Margaret watched Abigail – she is going to be such a good mom when her little girl arrives in August.

Kinley and Kate playing in the play area at the mall. These girls are crazy when they get together.

Kate climbing up one of the slides

Kate passed out on the way home. I thought it was hilarious that she was still holding the volleyball.

Abigail napping – sorry I forgot to rotate this picture.

Kate napping

After dinner at Gatti Town we headed back to the mall so that Danny could find a book to read when he heads out on his mission trip. Kate also wanted to check some books out.

Kate also wanted to ride the carousel again.

When we got home the girls headed to the bath tub. Kate loves to take a bath with Abigail. Apparently, Abigail…not so much.

All ready for bed

Me and Kate after a long day of fun. I am going to miss these days when I go back to work next week!!! I have loved spending so much time with Abigail, Kate and Danny.

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