For Jessica…..

So many times in my life, I focus on my projects, my hobbies, or myself. I devote attention to the things that I am responsible for, or the people that need something of me. But not often do I recognize or vocalize my appreciation for the person that allows me to be all things to all people.

This is for her.

Thank you for smiling at me when I do not smile.
Thank you for holding me when I hurt.
Thank you for encouraging me when I don’t think I can succeed.
Thank you for calling me when I need to hear your voice the most.
Thank you for inspiring me to always be a better person.
Thank you for sacrificing your dreams so I can fulfill mine.
Thank you for crying with me when I cry.
Thank you for changing my life when I didn’t think it needed to be changed.
Thank you for continuing to change it even today.
Thank you for laughing with me when I laugh at myself.
Thank you for supporting me when I feel called out in faith.
Thank you for rocking our girls to sleep, when I can’t stand to imagine them alone.
Thank you for being with me, when I can’t stand to imagine myself alone.
Thank you for understanding that I am a very complex individual, and loving me anyway.
Thank you for reminding me of the person you married.
Thank you for making me feel special when noone else does.
Thank you for your faith, your dedication to God, and your promise to raise a Christian family.
Thank you for doing the little things in life, that I am supposed to do but don’t.
Thank you for allowing me to be who I am, even if it isn’t appropriate at times.
Thank you for holding my hands on our wedding day and staring into my tear filled eyes.
Thank you for becoming a part of me, and allowing me to become a part of you.
Thank you for the promise of our future.
Thank you for giving me two perfect examples of Christ’s love for us.

Thank you.

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