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Our Week

A few weeks ago I noticed that we did not have very many random pictures of the girls. So I decided that I would start taking pictures to capture all the crazy and cute moments that go on in our house.
On Friday I decided to dress the girls in their Halloween shirts and get a cute sister picture
Abigail in her shirt

What every girl needs is her little riding horse, baby and a hat. All week Kate has wanted to wear her winter hat. More pictures to come with her in it.

When I picked the girls up on Thursday, Shelley had fixed Abigail’s hair. This is the first time she has had her up.

Kate fell and hit her head and she wanted an ice pack. She actually kept it on her head. Later I saw her put it on her monkey’s head – no picture but it was really cute.

Another attempt with tummy time. She has started to do a lot better with this.

Another tummy time picture

Kate in her winter hat, again. This girl loves hats!

Kate was playing with the diaper bags and decided her baby doll needed a diaper change. Maybe if she had put the diaper on right I would let her start changing Abigail’s diaper. We will start working on that – haha!

We thought we would try the exersaucer out, but Abigail does not really like it, yet.

Kate playing her piano.

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  1. Just wanted to say…thanks so much for your call on Saturday, it was very sweet…hang in there, and good job on the random pictures…:) I know I'll have my job cut out for me too with 'random pictures too in a few months! ~D

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