Our Friends and Family….

Last month Shay had an interesting post about “who people are” so I thought it would be fun to do the same thing.
Cara (McLeod Family) and Julie (Monzingo Family) are my two best friends! Cara and I have been friends for over 15 years and Julie and I have been friends for about 24 years. We all had our first babies about 6 weeks apart and now Cara is pregnant with her 2nd; come on Julie you need to get pregnant with you 2nd baby!!!!

Lisa (Jones Family) and I go really far back. Her mom use to baby sit me when I was 4 or 5. We spent almost every weekend together growing up. We were either riding our bikes all over the place or playing in my tree. When I found out that her and her husband were moving to the McKinney area I was so excited because we were going to reconnect after many years of being on our own.

Aune Family, Brandon Cox Family, and Maxwell Family are part of our BFG and we are excited to be in a small group with these families.

Loree (Ballard Family) is one my closest friends. Our girls are just few months apart and I have enjoyed watching them play together and building our friendship.

The Perkins Family is my brother and sister in law. My SIL is a photographer and she has her own blog and website ( Her prices and quality are great!

Hotel Matador is my family’s Bed and Breakfast.

Matt (Roy Family) is my cousin and he is married to Kelly and her brother is Marshall (Shepard Family). Matt and Kelly are in Fiji for the next 30 months with the Peace Corps!

Watts Family, Slaughter Family, Smith Family, Shull Family, Sims Family, Rowland Family, Rusty Cox Family, Rutig Family, Scott Family, Bruner Family, Curley Family, Guyton Family, New Family, Eason Family, McAnally Family, and Penny Family are all members of our BFG at First Baptist McKinney.

Allison (Alecu Family), Laura (Genella Family), Emily (Matteson Family), and Katy (Svoboda Family) are all families that used to be members of FBC McKinney and have now moved away to other cities.

Chad and Darsey (Bartling Family) and John (Lacy Family) are two of Danny’s good friends from high school and college.

I went to college with Sherry (Clemens Family) and Jennifer (Thomas Family). We were all in the Community Health program, and then after we graduated we all went to work for Head Start/Early Head Start. I miss them both so much now that I am the only Health Educator left out of the 5 that were there when I started!

Bethany (Arie Family) and Heidi (Nelson Family) are girls that I work with at Head Start/Early Head Start.

Charla (Jenkins Family), Jenny (Sebesta Family), and Christine (McCloskey Family) are all girls that I met while I was in college. They all have a special place in my life. I met Jessica (Escobar Family) while I was in college thru my cousin. The crazy thing about her is her maiden name is White – she use to be Jessica White!!!

Tessa (Klappenbach Family) is one of our friends that lives in McKinney. We don’t get to see them very often but we love to keep up with them on their blog.

Greg (McAden Family) and Matthew (Miller Family) are two guys that I went to high school with.

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