Our Trip to Matador

This past weekend we went to Matador to see our family. We were joined by my brother, sister in law, and Emma, and also my cousin Luke (who will be leaving late November for Aviano Air Force Base in Italy). Also my youngest cousin Shane’a brought her new baby Ryder (4 days old) over to see the family. The girls had a great time playing together and the girls enjoyed see their grandparents, great-grandmother, and aunts and uncles. We are looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas when we get see the my whole family and Danny’s family too :)!!!

The girls look like we have threatened them if the move –
we did because the are holding a 4 day old baby!!
Abigail (4 months and 2weeks old) and Ryder (4 days old)

Emma giving Kate a hug

Kate and Emma playing

Kate in a Snuggie

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