How do you know your little one is now a toddler???

Kate less than 3 hours old

Kate’s 1 year picture

Kate on her 2nd birthday

Our little girl is growing up so fast. I wanted to document some of Kate’s crazy and sassy comments…

Mrs. Shelley asked Kate if she would like to clean up or sit in time out – Kate chose time out!

Mrs. Shelley told Kate that it was time to clean up and Kate said “No”, and Mrs. Shelley said “Kate we need to clean up” and then Kate said – “I said No!”

One night after dinner I spelled B-A-T-H to Danny and Kate immediately says it is bath night!

We will tell Kate to go do something and before she heads out of the room she turns around and says to us”be right back ok”

When she is done eating she tells us “one more bite” instead of us telling her this.

When Abigail does something Kate doesn’t approve of, Kate will sternly say “No Abidale, Abidale No!

If she wants me to hold her and I am holding Abigail she will say – “Abigail floor” or “Abigail couch”.

She calls Abigail – “Abi-dale”

If you ask her is she needs to go to the bathroom she says “I am good”

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