Do we really live in McKinney???

Today is the first full day of Spring and we woke up to 5+ inches of snow. I am so glad that we did not plant any flowers last week! Since we did not build a snowman last time it snowed we decided we should do that so we can document Kate and Abigail’s first snowman.

The view from our house this morning

Danny working on the snowman.

Kate helping daddy

Abigail joined us outside – she had 3 jackets on!!

Danny and Kate with the snowman. Since Easter is just two weeks away we used our Easter eggs as decorations on the snowman. Danny did a great job building the snowman.

Danny and Abigail with the snowman

Kate and I making snow angels – she hated it – Kate doesn’t like to get wet or dirty

After the girls went down for their naps Danny decided to build his own super-sized snowman.

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