Our Adventure to West Texas

Our trip to Odessa to spend the weekend with my parents started and ended with sickness. On Thursday we headed to Odessa thinking that the girls would go to sleep early and we would have a lovely drive – oh how we were wrong. Abigail had other plans, she was sick last week and she was still sick on Thursday. She threw-up four times and cried the last 30 minutes of the 6 1/2 hour drive. Kate on the other hand did a great job except for we are in the middle of potty training and she wanted to stop every 30 minutes to potty! However, she finally decided that she would just have to go in her diaper. The rest of the weekend was a breeze. The girls got to play with Mimi and Pops and Danny and I enjoyed some nice R&R. However, by the end of the weekend, Abigail had shared her sickness with her Mimi and Pops. Sorry Mimi and Pops, but we had a great time in Odessa.

Kate and Pops checking out his garden – this has inspired me to plant a garden.

Kate playing with her tea set.

Abigail and Pops

Mimi and Kate were on Skype talking to Aunt Linda. Kate loves to Skype with all of her grandparents and Aunt Linda.

Kate and her babies. Both of the babies are named Kelly, don’t ask me why, but that is what the baby’s names are at Mrs. Shelley’s house.

Sisterly love! Abigail was trying to get away.

Abigail is sitting in my hair chair. I wish I could find a picture of me sitting in this same chair.

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  1. Too cute. And most of Ava's dolls, and horses, and dogs, were named Sara for a really long time. Now they have more diverse names šŸ™‚ Hope everyone is feeling better!

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