Emma’s Birthday

This past Saturday we went to White Rock Lake to celebrate my niece’s 4th birthday. It seems just like yesterday that I drove up from Houston to hold her for the first time! Kate had a so much fun playing with the “big” kids, and Abigail hung out with Danny, Mimi and Pops, next year Audrey and Abigail will be running around with all kids.

The cousins – Emma, Audrey, Kate, and Abigail

Danny took this picture and I thought that it was so cute!

Kate riding the chicken

I had to keep Kate away from the cake – she wanted to stick her finger in it so bad.

Pops helping Abigail ride the chicken – she had so much fun playing on the playground

She loved the slide!


One thought on “Emma’s Birthday

  1. Dana says:

    Love the chicken…how did I miss the chicken!? 🙂
    Kate and Em holding hands is so cute!
    Thanks for coming…and all Em wants to do is hoe the ayrd now…ALL of it! Hehe 🙂


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