The reasons why we love Puerto Rico

Danny took all these pictures and they show why we love a Puerto Rico.

These last 3 pictures were taken by me to document that the navigation in our rental car was so wrong! The navigation told us to take this route to get to the rain forest and it was the shortest route. Before we turned around because we were on a 1 lane road and the navigation told us to take a dirt road through the rain forest and cross over a river, and we don’t even know if there was a bridge. We kept making jokes that some one was going to pop out and kid nap us and we could hear the banjos playing because we in the back country – scary!!!

We thought the road dead ended into the fence however the navigation told us to go off to the right into the bushes. You can’t see it here but that is a dirt road.

One of the houses we saw along the way.

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