Family Time in Matador

Danny and I love to get away to Matador to see my family. During this trip two of my cousins came to town and brought their kiddos so the girls could play with their cousins. The girls had a great time and I am looking forward to Christmas when the entire family will be together and there will be kids everywhere at the family B&B.

Saturday morning we woke and got ready for a busy day.

We started the day off with a trip to my parent’s land to see their new cattle.
Kate liked seeing them but Abigail wanted to keep her distance.

Next we checked out Pop’s baby quail that he is raising.

Kate was trying to figure out how to get them out.
The quail were only 5 weeks old and have to stay in the feeder for a few more weeks.

Then we climbed into the mule to drive around the section and see all of my dad’s new projects.
He has been working really hard on the land and is getting ready for deer hunting season.

Abigail enjoying the ride.

Doing a little dance on the trailer.

After our trip to the land we headed back to town so the girls could play.
Here they are reading books with their cousin Isabel.

Our last stop on Saturday was the Roaring Springs Ranch. I grow up going to the ranch to swim in the natural springs. So we took the girls out there to play in the water. We did not have swimsuits, but who needs a swimsuit when you are under the age of 3 and it is ok for you swim in your panties and diaper.

We had a really busy weekend but we had a great time with Mimi and Pops!

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