Weekend Getaway

This past weekend Danny packed the girls up and headed to San Marcos for the weekend. Yep you read that correctly, I did not go along for the trip – Danny thought I needed a weekend to just relax and have a weekend alone so that I could do whatever!! While the girls had a great time with their grandparents and aunts, Danny and his dad went to Goliad, TX for a huge car event called the Texas Mile! About an hour after they arrived, they saw a $300,000+ Lamborghini be destroyed when it went off the runway and flipped end over end. Video here. I decided to go get a massage and spend a lot of time shopping! Even though it was nice to have a weekend to do some fun stuff, I have to admit I really missed spending time with Danny and the girls. I don’t think I will do this again any time soon – but girls, as much as we do around our houses for our husbands and kids we all deserve a little “me” time.

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