Alliance Air Show

Danny loves airplanes, as do Kate and Abigail, and he has always wanted to go to the Alliance Air Show in Ft. Worth. So last year after we missed it I to put it on our calendar for this year so we could make sure and go. We had a great time looking at all the planes and watching them fly. When we go next year we will make sure we have hearing protection devices (fancy earmuffs) for the girls because the planes were really loud!

Danny and the girls in front of a fighter plane
I thought this helicopter was the coolest thing there!

The Blue Angels

One of the little planes putting on a show

Abigail was mesmerized

This was funny – I was trying to show Kate something and she was trying to show me something

Army Golden Knights Skydive Team

Abigail with her hand over her heart during the Star Spangled Banner

Me and the girls in front of a huge engine.

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