Happy Halloween!

This year Halloween was so much fun. The older Kate and Abigail get the more they love to do things together. Kate picked out their Halloween outfits over a month ago – yes I let Kate decide what Abigail was going to be. Kate was Cinderella and Abigail was a ballerina. Trying to find a ballerina outfit for an 16 month old is really hard. Abigail has the tiniest feet so she can not wear ballet shoes and she is too little to wear any of the dance leotards. So we had to pull together an outfit out of all the dress up clothes we have, and she was the cutest little ballerina! Kate on the other hand kept reading her Cinderella book and informing us of all the accessories she needed for her costume. Two weeks ago she walked out of her room to let me know she needed gloves for her outfit, but she did not even wear the gloves I got for her!

Kate and Abigail in their Halloween dresses.

Family photo at the Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church Fall Festival.

the princess and ballerina riding the train

Kate at one of the blow up slides.

Kate inside one of the huge blow up houses.

At our first stop to trick or treat – the Myers’ house

David let them pick their candy.

The best picture we could get of the the two costumes

When we got home we were joined by Lillie Bogue to trick or treat down our street. The girls had so much fun going house to house. Kate kept saying “Please” instead of “trick or treat”. However by the 3rd house all 3 girls had it down – “trick or treat” and then “thank you” – such polite little girls!

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