Christmas in San Marcos

This past weekend we headed south for the White Family Christmas in San Marcos. This year the Christmas get together was a little smaller than normal but we still had a great time with the family. The girls enjoyed being the only great grand-kids there! After a yummy lunch we opened presents with Pawpaw and Gigi.

Danny’s dad went to Peru earlier this month on a mission trip and got these little dolls for the girls.

Their great aunt got them these really cute hats with several extra bow flowers.

Kate showing off her princess shoe collection. I think Kate has enough shoes for 20 kids!

The girls opening their presents.

After we finished opening presents we headed to Grandma’s house to continue our Christmas vacation.

They enjoyed painting Grandma a beautiful picture, and after they finished they opened a lot of presents.

**** sorry about the quality of these pictures, we brought the camera but forgot the most important part – the CARD! ****

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