Matador Family Christmas

This past weekend we headed to the panhandle for the Russell Family Christmas. My entire family was there except one of my cousins. This was the first time we had all been together in about 6 or 7 years! We had a great time just sitting around and talking and eating some good food. One of the highlights of the weekend was one of my cousins went to the JP and got married to his girlfriend. They are both are in the Air Force and wanted to get married before they headed back overseas to Aviano, Italy. We had an impromptu wedding celebration for them which was so much fun. After that it was time for all the little cousins to get together and play.
I am already looking forward to this year’s Christmas!

The cousins hiding out and Abigail was the lookout person.

Another hiding spot for the cousins

When the little boy with the cane (which is Ryder – next to youngest cousin) would come to their hiding spot all the kids would take off running. This was the game they played for about 30 minutes – running and hiding from Ryder. Poor little guy did not even know what they were doing.

Present time…

Kate loves jewelry!

Abigail got some baby diapers and baby clothes. Thanks goodness we will not have anymore naked babies around our house.

Since there are 4 granddaughters on my side of the family all the little girls got pink boots. Here is Abigail showing off her boots.

and now Kate.

Kate also got some make up from Aunt Dana and Uncle Jeremy. She put on her own blue eye shadow and she was ready to play some princess dominoes.

After we opened presents with my family we headed out to my parent’s land to feed the cattle. There is one cow that will let you pet her and she will eat out of your hand.

Kate showing me her cake – the cow food.

Abigail and Mimi counting the cows.

Kate petting the cow.

and next Abigail had her turn

Both girls checking the cow out. Their picture brings back a lot of memories of me growing up and going out to the ranch with my grandparents to feed the cows. I loved spending time out on the ranch. I look forward to all the adventures these girls will have on the land.

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