Family Wedding

This past weekend we loaded up the car for a 6 hour trip to Concan, TX. This is the little town that is right on the Frio River (outside of Uvalde). Danny’s grandparents, aunt, and uncle all live here. The wedding was outside of the bride’s house (Danny’s cousin). She looked beautiful! We keep telling Kate that she was a princess so that she would pay attention to the wedding and be quiet. Abigail, on the other hand, started singing her own little song during the vows and there was nothing we could do to get her to stop. We had a great time visiting with the entire family!

Saturday morning we headed out to the family ranch
and this is where the wedding was later that day…

The girl’s played with the wagon

Went to see Papaw’s chickens – Kate had just stuck her finger in the cage and the rooster nicked her finger.

Then Abigail came up and starting yelling no to the chickens – so cute!

Next they found their cousin Carson’s swing and of course they climbed in.

Abigail probably stayed in the swing for 20 minutes!

Then it was time to go back to the cabin and get ready for the wedding.

Kate waiting patiently for the wedding to start

Abigail plotting how she could get back to the swing without anyone missing her

Danny and his beautiful sisters – Haley and Kelli (Kelli is looking for a great guy so if anyone knows any single guys in Austin let us know!)

Danny’s cousin and her groom.

Our family at the reception

Abigail finishing off Danny’s plate.

And of the course the weekend ended with more presents for Kate! Danny and I keep laughing because this month has turned in the Kate’s Birthday month!

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