Cabin Fever!

So we are on Day 4 of being stuck in our house from all of the ice and snow! We have officially gone crazy. The girls go from room to room destroying everything! We have watched The Princess and The Frog and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs way to many times over the past 4 days.

No pictures from day 1 because we just lounged around watching TV and enjoyed family time.

Day 2…
Just playing around the house…

Watching a movie but this time they needed their stools from the bathroom.

Day 3 –
They decided to pull clothes out of my closet and put them on…

Later that day we decided to venture out of our house and go to the library.
This was our first trip to the library and the girls had a great time.

After the library we had to watch The Princess and The Frog, AGAIN!! I think I have this movie memorized.

Day 4
This was probably the worst day to get out but we had a play date to get to! Danny went out and cleaned off the car and then the girls and I headed over to Austin and Ellie’s house (their friends from Mrs. Shelley’s house).

Before we went the girls once again had to play in our bathroom. Their new favorite place to play is the bathtub. I don’t know why.

Then they watched Danny…

and finally off to Austin and Ellie’s house…

The girls had a great time playing with Austin and Ellie but we are all ready for Monday so that we can get back to normal.

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