Easy Bake Oven

We had another great snow day yesterday. This one was a little better than last week because Danny was out of town on a business trip so the girls were able to run around the house yelling and screaming and I didn’t have to do anything about it. We had a very relaxed day, and we even stayed in our pajamas until NOON! Before lunch we pulled out Kate’s birthday present from Mrs. Shelley – an Easy Bake Oven. Kate has been wanting to play with this for a couple of weeks but I could not find the right light bulb but luckily last week I did so I was prepared for today.

Abigail feeding crackers to her baby.

The birthday present

I let Kate do all the mixing of the ingredients – she was so excited.

She did a great job.

She wanted to lick the bowl!

Pushing the cake into the oven.

Both girls waiting on their dessert before lunch.

I don’t remember easy bake cakes tasting so horrible!

But the girls loved it!!!

And Kate liked it so much she was licking her fingers.

Since they loved it so much I see more baking in our future. Next up is sugar cookies.

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