Our Dating Anniversary – 11 yrs!

It is crazy to think that 11 years ago today I meet the man that I would marry, and would later become the father to our two beautiful girls. Even though Danny and I meet in the strangest place possible, we have been together every day since then. (If you want to know the story just ask us.) We have had so many great times and have made so many memories over the past 11 years. Here is a one picture from every year…

2000 – We look so young in this picture and it brings back so many memories from Texas A&M University!
2001 – A random picture we took and it has always been one of my favorites.

2002 – This picture was taken at the Today Show! If you look really close you can see a little ring box in Danny’s jacket. About 5 hours after this picture was taken Danny proposed to me in Central Park.

2003 – Our Wedding Day!!!

2004 – Our first Christmas in our first house!

2005 – Even though this picture is from the worse vacation we have ever taken – thanks to Hurricane Katrina and stuff being stolen from our rooms – we still tried to have a good time.

2006 – We look really cheesy in this picture but for some reason we have no pictures from this year!

2007 – Over looking Rome – This was one of our best vacations!

2008 – photo from our vacation to Washington DC

2009 – Freezing to death at a 6 men football game!

2010 – Another great vacation! This was our second trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico – WE LOVE PUERTO RICO!

2011 – our beautiful family!

I am looking forward to the next 50+ years with you and watching our girls grow up.

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