Our Weekend…

Since the boys went camping this weekend, all the wives decided to hang out together. We started the weekend off with dinner at McDonalds.

Kate and Lynli

Abigail scoping out Lynli’s food…

Let the fun begin…

Abigail and Molly fighting over the high chair.

Then the girls watching the high school girls. Kate is obsessed with high school kids!


On Saturday we had a visit from Pawpaw and Aunt Haley…

They were in town looking at show steers for Haley and they came by to see the girls and drop of presents. We had a good time visiting with them and eating lunch. So sad it was a short visit.


Then on Sunday our church participated in “Go and Be” Sunday, but since the church activity was a huge community garage sale, we thought this would not be a good activity for all of us with small kids. So our class went and had coffee and donuts with the residents of a local nursing home. Kate, Abigail and Kinley – the best picture I could get
Kate and Kinley being silly

more of the girls…

Kate, Lynli and Xander checking out the resident’s puzzle. I hope we did not lose any of the pieces.

Then Kimberly gave the kids a kid friendly puzzle. We had a great time this weekend hanging out with friends but we were so excited when Danny got home from his camping trip.

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