Beauty and The Beast

We took both girls to Bass Hall in Fort Worth on Saturday to see Disney’s Beauty and The Beast. Kate was really excited about seeing the “princess” and Abigail was just excited she got to come along for the ride. When we got there we were really glad to see that there were a lot of kids there (of all ages). I thought to myself at least we will be in good company when our kids start acting up. The girls did really good until 2 songs before intermission, and Abigail started to have a melt down. So Abigail and I headed out of the theater and she ran around until intermission. We decided during intermission we would leave because it was not worth it to sit through the next 1.5 hours and fight with Abigail to sit still and listen to Kate whin that she was having to sit still. We will not be going to back to a play for a long time!!

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