400th POST!!! – Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend started off on Friday. Our church has a Good Friday service that is always amazing and has become a tradition for our family to go every year.

I tried really hard to get a picture of the girls before the service and out of the 20 plus pics this is the best one it got.

Then Sunday morning it was like Christmas morning at our house, because we had to keep Kate out of the kitchen until Abigail was awake so that they both could see their Easter Bunny surprises at the same time. I like how some people put the Easter Baskets on the front porch, I think we may try that next year.

Kate’s Easter basket

Abigail’s Easter basket

They both had to wear their new hats while they hunted Easter eggs.

After picking up all the eggs it was finally time to get dressed to go to church. Here are the girls in their matching outfits. I may buy the girls matching outfits but the only time they ever wear them on the same day is Easter and Christmas. I am sure they will kill me later in life for always making them wear matching dresses – but it is so much fun!

Finally…our family picture…

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