Happy 2nd Birthday Abigail

It is so crazy how fast the past two years have gone! Abigail has grown up so much this past year. She can sing her ABCs, knows some of her colors, she is counting (not always in order but she knows her numbers), loves to undress herself, she is a really big helper around the house, and we have attempted a few times to potty train – she goes when she wants to. Abigail is very independent and sometimes bossy, but she loves her big sister and is always ready to play with her. We are looking forward to the next year to see what she has in store for us.


Her big present was a tricycle. As you can tell she was really excited.

However, I don’t know who was more excited Kate or Abigail, because now Kate does not have to share. She has been telling Abigail for the past week to go get her own bike in the garage (where we have been hiding it for a couple of weeks), but Abigail did not understand what was going on. Now they both have bikes so hopefully the fighting will stop – yeah right!

If I only knew what they were thinking…

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