Swimming Lessons 2011

This year we decided to take swimming lessons through McKinney ISD this year, and it was GREAT!!! The swimming students are the teachers and Kate really liked Mr. Luke. He was really patient with Kate, and we were really surprised with everything she learned this week. Both girls are really starting to learn. Abigail’s teacher was the swim coach’s older daughter (not a student – Mrs. Sandy). She was great, even though all Abigail wanted to do was jump off the side of the pool. We will for sure be back next summer and Kate may even take swim lessons during the winter because they offer lessons almost all year long.

Kate and Abigail – the first day of swimming lessons

Sweet sisters

Abigail waiting patiently for her swim lessons to begin.

A couple of pictures from Abigail’s lessons…

Couple of pictures from Kate’s swimming lessons…

practicing her arms

Floating on her back!


Kate loved it so much!

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