It has been a long 10 days without Danny. Kate and I did really good, but Abigail had a really hard time this year. She is a major daddy’s girl and cried everyday – all day – for daddy. It broke my heart to see her so upset. We were able to talk (video chat) with Danny almost everyday which helped a little but she would be upset when he would have to hang up. He also would send videos to the girls letting them see what was going on in Germany. Danny had a good time this year but was ready to come home and we were so glad to have him home!!!

The three musketeers waiting for their daddies (Abigail, Kate, and Lynli)
YEA!!! He is home!!!
She would not let go of him.
Our next big trip will be off to London and the girls will be away from both of us for a week. I hope my parents are ready for the adventure they will have that week.

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