Foothills Saturday Night

This weekend we traveled to Matador for the 3rd Annual Foothills Saturday Night. This event is a street dance in small town America. We had a great time relaxing with family and watching the girls running and playing with their cousins. Kate and Abigail were social butterflies and going up to everybody and talking to them! I grew up going to Matador to visit my grandparents and extended family and everyone always knew who I was and were always so nice. And now that my parents have moved back to Matador I am so excited that our girls will experience the same thing. I love small towns!!!

We started off our weekend with a swim in my parent’s pool!!! I did not grow up with a pool – these girls are so lucky.

This picture cracked me up – how many floatation devices do you need!!!

On Saturday we headed down to the B&B for some play time.

and then out to my parents ranch to check out my dads new project…

A house for his new pheasants. However, before we arrived all 30 pheasants were killed by a weasel!!! I felt so bad for my dad.

Finally we were ready for the big event of the weekend…

The best sister picture I could get

The cousins ready to have a good time

The girls loved being able to run across the street and not get in trouble!

Kate dancing in the street.

Abigail kept my cousin’s daughter busy!!! But Hailey had a great time chasing after her.
Since my family owns and operates a bed and breakfast the girls always make friends with the guests. This particular lady was part of group of 3 couples that travel together and they loved dancing with the girls. We hope to see them again in the coming years when we return for this event.
On the way home the girls were being silly…

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