Fireman Johnson comes to Mrs. Shelley’s House

Earlier this week Fireman Johnson (Austin and Ellie’s dad) came to Mrs. Shelley house to talk about Fire Safety.

Fireman Johnson

Fireman Johnson all dressed up. I am so glad that he got dressed in all of his Fireman gear in front of the kids so that they could see he is just a normal guy underneath the gear and his is not scary.

Abigail’s turn trying on his hat.

Abigail was checking out his oxygen tank

Abigail, Austin, and the Fireman (Austin’s dad)

Kate in the fireman’s suit

Austin dressing Kate

Kate trying on the fireman’s hat

All the kids
(Avery, Ellie, Molly, Austin, Abigail, and Kate)

and this next picture cracks me up because Shelley’s youngest son is dressed up as a werewolf and is in the background and the fireman has not clue!

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