Cupcake Decorating Party

Today we had Kate’s birthday with all of her friends. The theme was – cupcake decorating. All the kids had their own aprons and loved decorating their own cupcakes.

ready for the kids to begin decorating

The adult snacks

Let the fun begin

All the kids ready to decorate

The birthday girl decorating her cupcake

every cupcake needs some sprinkles

Kate and Abigail with their cupcakes

Gracie and her yummy cupcake

Avery loved her purple cupcake

Owen was concentrating so hard on his cupcake

Austin needed to have several colors for his cupcake

Since it was a beautiful day all the kids went outside to eat their cupcakes and play.
Kate had a great time with all her friends and thank you to all our friends that came and made her day special!

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