Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo

It has been almost 6 years since Danny and I had been to the Fort Worth Stock Show so we took this past weekend as a perfect oppourtunity to head to Fort Worth with the girls. This was the first stock show they have ever been to and they loved seeing all the animals and watching “big kids”show their animals.

After we had gone through all the animal barns and looked at the steers, longhorns, goats, and rabbits we headed to the arena to watch the horse showmanship competition. The girls had fun picking which one was the best in show. Most of the time they picked the one with the prettiest shirt!

All the horses waiting to find out the winner

Next stop was the petting zoo! This petting zoo was 100 times better than any petting zoo we have ever been too – including the State Fair.

Then of course you can’t go to a stock show and not have a big greasy corndog for lunch!

Finally we ended the day with seeing my Aunt and Uncle and watching some of the horse auction. My uncle works for the Matador Ranch and they were invited by the stock show to come and sale one of their best horses. Only 16 ranches were invited – this is a huge honor to be invited. The top horse sold for 32,000 and their horse sold for 8,000 – they were okay with this.

The Matador Ranch horse

We had a great time and I think we will go again next year!

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