Dance Recital 2012

Today a whole year of hard work came to an end. Kate has done a great job this year and has had so much fun!

Dressed and ready for dress rehearsal.

The girls that she has had so much fun with this year.  Hopefully some of them will be in her class next year.

Kate and Avery
Now it is time for the show…

Abigail was ready to see her sister perform.
The girls, their flowers and trophies.

Family photo.

So proud of this little girl.

Flowers from her Mimi and Pops.

Flowers from her best friend Avery.

And our flowers for her.

of course her first trophy!
We were so glad that Gigi, Pawpaw and Aunt Haley came to town for her performance.  The girls are signed up and ready for next year’s class.  I think Abigail will have so much fun and Kate will also get to learn tap!

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