Family Reunion…

This past weekend we went to my family reunion (Cox/Russell family).  When we all get together you know that it will be a blast.  We had so much fun just sitting around eating some good food and having a great time catching up.  All the kids had so much fun playing in the pool – all weekend!! I am so surprised my kids are not walking prunes as much time as they spent in water this weekend.  We had so much fun that we are already planning the reunion for next summer.
The girls waiting for their cousins to get there.

Some finally arrived!

Enjoying dinner and a movie.
Abigail loves watermelon!!!
I took this picture and ran because the kids were about to shoot me with their water guns.
1st generation – with spouses.

1st generation cousins
2nd generation – minus two cousins

3rd generation
Some of the Russell great grand kids.

Then all the kids had to check at a tarantula.  They all wanted to touch it!!
After all that excitement we all settled into our lawn chairs and got ready to watch a movie on the big screen.
What a great way to end a fun weekend!

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