Big Day at Swimming Lessons

The girls have been looking forward to this day all week, okay Kate more than Abigail.  Today after they had finished with their lessons the kids got to go jump off the diving board.  Here they are ready for the big day!

 Kate has done a great job swimming this week.

 And so has Abigail.  She did not even cry today, but I did bribe her.  I am not ashamed to bribe my child with a special toy so that I don’t have to hear her crying.
 I was so impressed with Kate’s diving lesson.

 She did a great job and her teacher was impressed too!
And finally the time had come to go jump off the diving board…
First up was Kate…

 I love this picture of Kate – thinking really hard.

 Kate jumping in.  I think she jumped about 5 times.

Abigail and her sweet teacher.  She has been really patient with Abigail.
Okay so they tossed Abigail in or maybe pushed her. 

Another great day at swimming lessons.  They will be so sad tomorrow when lessons are over.

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