Officially a Dance Mom

Last night I officially became a mom to two little girls in dance class.  So if you are looking for me on Tuesday nights I will be sitting at Dance Movement from 5 to 7.  The girls were both so excited to start their classes last night.  I think Abigail would have worn her ballet shoes, tights, and leotard to Shelley’s if you could have put them on herself. 

Abigail ready to go.

Listening to her teacher.
working on their “tumbling moves”

Abigail was about to demonstrate how to do the frog jump.
Then it was Kate’s turn for her class – Tap/Ballet.
Kate and her BFF – ready for their class.
I had to have a picture of the 3 musketeers.
Let the fun begin.  It is amazing how much can change in a year.  Kate and Avery did an amazing job!!!

and finally the girls put on their tap shoes and did some dancing.
This year is going to be so much fun!!!

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