Kate’s Week

Kate spent last week in and out of doctor’s offices.  We started the week off with a random rash/hives all over her stomach, back, and arms.  We had no clue what was going on so Danny took her to the pediatrician and they could not figure out what was going on (and yes have gone through all the normal questions – no new foods, detergent, soaps, medicine, etc).  By Wednesday she had move hives on her so I called an allergy doctor and scheduled an appointment.  When we got to her appointment on Thursday morning all hives and rashes were gone!!!  However, we decided to go ahead and have her doctor complete an allergy test on her.  Everything was great – no major allergies and just a very minor allergy to mold.  She was looking good until Saturday when the hives returned!!  We still have no clue what is going on but we hope that it will pass soon. 

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