Our Weekend…

We had a busy weekend! Friday my school was having a PTA event so I got the girls all dressed up in the cowgirl attire and headed to Lawson.

The girls had so much fun dancing with all the little kids.
Next up was a rainy Saturday. We spent most of the day around the house but we promised the girls we would take them to a movie and dinner. Kate and I played dress up prior to the movies.
She wanted to try my earrings on…

Now the girls were dressed and ready for their date night with Danny and I.

Sad to say the movie we wanted to go see was sold out and trying to explain that to a four and three year old is really hard. We promised them that we would leave church early and go the next day and that was good enough for them. These girls love the movies! I think is see a tradition of going to the movies on Sunday afternoons in our future (this was my favoite thing to do growing up). 

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