Halloween Party

We hosted our first Halloween party last night and all the kids dressed up in their cute outfits.  Maybe next year all the adults will dress up (so start thinking parents).  We had so much fun just hanging out while the kids played.

The girls in their Halloween outfits…

Each friend went home with their very own trick or treat bucket.

Some yummy halloween party foods that I found on Pinterest…

All the kids had so much fun playing outside

 Ellie and Abigail

Mrs. Shelley and Kate (I forgot to tell Shelley that the adults were not dressing up).  However, all the kids loved that she dressed up!!! 
Mrs. Shelley and her crew… 

Abigail and Lillie

We attempted to take a group picture but we were missing about 3 kids…

The girls had so much fun playing with their friends.

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