Halloween 2012

The girls were ready to go trick or treating at 5:00! However, we held them off for at least a hour before we started our rounds. Every year we begin our Halloween night with a stop at the Verhoev family’s house and then visit a few of their neighbors. Next we drive to our other friend’s houses and end the night going around our neighborhood. The girl’s buckets were overflowing this year and they had so much fun. Abigail thinks we will get to hand out more candy tomorrow night!! 
Dressed and ready to go – the witch and the pirate

Our first stop

Ms. Rachel and the girls.

Mrs. Shelley and the girls

Mrs. Lindsey and the girls – we are so glad they moved to McKinney!

our family picture

We ended our night with a stop at Keegan’s house.  He is the cutest fireman and I am sad that I didn’t get a picture of the cutest dalmatian (Layten)!!
What a great Halloween night!!

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