Thanksgiving Home Depot Project

First Saturday of the month is a big day around our house because it is project day. So after breakfast we headed to home depot to see what this month’s project was going to be and lucky us it was another painting project.

Kate working hard on screwing her project together.
Abigail putting the glue on the turkey before she screws the last piece on.

Trying really hard to screw the turkey together.

Now it is time to paint.
They love to paint.

 Finished and waiting for them to dry so we can put the stickers on.

The finished products ready for Thanksgiving.
The girls were so excited because we saw a lot of our friends there this time.  Next month we already know that two friends will be joining us for sure. So if you live in the McKinney area you should meet us at the Home Depot on December 1st – your kids will have a great time!

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