It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Our family tradition is to put up the Christmas decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving. Having a new house this year we faced a few challenges about where to put all the decorations. The biggest challenge was where to put the tree!!! I think the location we decided on is perfect. We had a great time decorating this year and we are looking forward to all the Christmas traditions and events coming up!!! 

Abigail helping with the Christmas tree decorations. 

 Kate putting ornaments on the tree.
The tree almost finished.  
We have a few more decorations to put on the tree.
Now time to put the lights up outside.
Abigail doing a great job holding the cord.

The girls love all the Christmas decorations. Danny and I are placing bets on which girl will break one of the pieces to the nativity set.
My favorite addition to our Christmas decorations…

This year I decided to do a tree with all the collectible ornaments and all the ornaments that the girls have made. This was a perfect idea!!

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