Candy Cane Garden Kit

Since we were going out of town for the weekend Zooby left a fun project for the girls –
Candy Cane Garden Kit.
All the ingredients.
It included – Magical Dirt (Oatmeal), Candy Cane seeds (peppermints), and Candy Cane fertilizer (Christmas sprinkles).
Zooby left a letter for the girls.  He told them that if they are really good during their visit in San Marcos their Candy Canes would grow.
Kate dumping the “Magical Dirt” into the container.
Next, put the “Candy Cane Seeds” in the container.
The girls wanted to make sure they were completely covered.
Abigail dumped the “fertilizer” over the “seeds”
All done!
When we got home Kate ran straight to the kitchen to see if the candy canes had grown.
I used the M&M candy canes because the girls like those better than candy canes, but you could use real candy canes.   
Another great idea from Pinterest!!

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