Three Christmases…

Christmas in San Marcos is always crazy busy!! However, we always have so much fun with Danny’s family and the girls have a great time playing with cousins. Our first stop on Saturday morning was Christmas with Danny’s Mom. We had to be up bright and early which was really hard since we did not get to San Marcos until 11:30 and did not go to bed until almost 1:00 AM!!!
After we finished opening up all their fun presents we loaded up and headed back to Danny’s dad’s house for the White Family Christmas (all of Danny’s extended family).  I am so glad the weather was beautiful because we were outside playing and hanging out with the whole family the entire afternoon. 
Around 4:00 the White Family Christmas wrapped up and we had Christmas with Gigi and Paw Paw.  Once again these girl love opening presents! They went home with an entire new wardrobe and new toys from both sets of grandparents and I hope that someday they will realize how truly blessed they are to have a great extended family!
Now we only have 2 more Christmases to go! 

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