Trail of Lights

After a fun filled day of opening presents and hanging out with family we thought the best way to end the day was with a trip to the Trail of Lights in Wimberley, TX. This place was covered with Christmas lights and we had so much fun looking at all the different groups that put lights up. However, before we went to look at the lights we stopped by to feed Haley’s pigs. For those that don’t know when I was in high school I also showed pigs so going to the pig farm brought back a lot of memories.
The girls thought it was a lot of fun to pet the pigs. 
Now time for the Trail of Lights fun…
First was a group photo of the girls…
and then the girls were little elves.
Trying to get a group shot…
Family picture in side the globe of lights.
Haley, Kelli and the girls
Then Danny and I thought we needed to have some pictures of just us.
We had a very busy but fun weekend.  When we got home we were all exhausted and in bed before 9:00 PM!!  Now to get ready for the girl’s Christmas Rectial, their 2 Christmas parties coming up, finish Christmas shopping, wrap all the presents, and plan Kate’s 5th birthday party – when am I going to sleep.

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